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Things worth shopping for

Do you enjoy shopping? I do. Does shopping make you feel better after a strenuous work week? It does for me. :)

Shopping is something most of us think about on a daily/weekly basis. From the shoes on our feet to the food in our bellys, we are programmed to buy buy buy. Not having any money to spend on clothes, shoes, or accessories tries my patience. In my experience window shopping is not enough. It's like taking a big wiff of a food that you're telling yourself you can not eat. It just doesn't satisfy the eager splurges of buying something for myself.

On one or more occasions when I was walking through the mall I have had to sacrifice food over clothes that I just had to have. My compulsions to buy, to browse through the clearance rack, or 50% off sales has taken me to a level of self awareness.

Calming ones self and holding off forces you to think about your priorities.